the fortune oracle      tarot deck


The Fortune Oracle Tarot deck is inspired by a fortune telling card game from the 1940's. Each card is hand inked and waxed to give the deck an aged feel. The deck comprises of a fully marked set of Major Arcana tarot cards and 7 Lucky Star cards. The idea is a Lucky Star card is chosen to aid in a reading to give clarity to a spread or a sitters question. These 7 cards are left unmarked, however could easily be marked at the readers discretion if so desired. Each deck comes in a red drawstring bag and is tied with twine to give the feeling that they've just come out of a 1940's carnival fortune teller's tent. 

Introductory Price £50 including shipping (UK)

International orders please add £10 (Europe) £15 (Rest of the World) for tracked and insured shipping

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