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Presence 2.0

’I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future’’


I’m very proud to present ‘Presence 2.0’, a new improved version in a strictly limited release of 12 units for 2021. A set of utility tools for the bizarre magician to recount the perfect Christmas ghost story ever written.


You will receive a hand aged and waxed Victorian looking gift box including a locking gimmick which can switch cards and billets. The gimmick is under your control and will switch or vanish the contents when you decide.


A set of aged gift tags with quotes from the book which are hand gimmicked utilising a little known, and highly deceptive Fogel forcing method.


A set of individually hand aged, sanded, inked and waxed tarot size cards portraying original artwork from John Leech depicting scenes from the book. The force card is also marked.


A wax sealed envelope with a torn out aged page from the book which includes a revelation.


The basic effect;


The performer displays the Victorian gift box and removes the contents of cards and gift tags. A wax sealed envelope is also on display. The story of ‘A Christmas Carol’ is then brought to life by the cards depicting staves from the book. 


The spectator is given a free choice of any of the 6 cards face down and is also asked to choose one of the gift tags. 


The envelope is opened revealing a torn out page from the book, on the reverse side is an image which matches the card chosen by the spectator, underneath is also a quote which matches the gift tag also chosen.


It’s also revealed that the spectator has chosen the only ‘redemptive’ memory of Ebenezer Scrooge proving the influence of the ghosts of Christmas may still be influencing minds even still.


Remember a Switch Box is for life, not just for Christmas, and can be used in other effects throughout the year. That being said, the message of ghosts reminding us of goodwill to all can be recounted all year round!


Merry Christmas!

UK - £10
Europe - £15
USA - £20

Only 12 units available for 2022



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