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The Ghost Box


The Ghost Box is released as part of the “Let’s Contact The Dead’ range which focuses on Victorian spiritualism and is now being offered on a custom basis!

Due to a number of customers asking for customisation or to simply have the box with a minimalistic look, I am now offering various alternate Ghost Boxes 

Please see the gallery above to view different variations of staining and ageing as well as hardware and graphics

In addition I am now also offering The Lucky Stars box as a custom order and you can also order the Lucky Stars accompanying Tarot cards too! Please note this box is larger and deeper than the original to allow for the electronics should you wish to include them.

The boxes can be used to switch, force or vanish depending on your style and although originally as part of a routine the box is a utility item ready to be incorporated into your magic act.

In the effect the switching mechanism is used to exchange a blank piece of paper to one with a ghostly message written on it. However it can also be used to switch a selected card or you can even ask spectators to put billets inside and of course when you cue the mechanism they can be switched for your force billets as part of a Q+A etc.

The electronics are also entirely customisable and removable. Jamie Daws used the device in his Halloween Alakazam Academy inside of a haunted doll for example. The original use of the sound was to hear the pencil writing the note however I have also used this with a wind up music box which plays when inside the box and also a small spirit bell. This will of course play on your command!

The Effect


The performer displays a Victorian ‘Ghost Box’, sometimes referred to as a ’Spirit Box’, and explains how it would have been used to seek confirmation of contacting the dead. An aged pack of alphabet cards are removed from the box as well as a pencil and blank piece of paper which is shown on both sides. The performer exclaims that the box was used to receive messages from the beyond and places the paper back inside the box. The participant then takes the cards and removes some and is asked to see if they can spell out a name to see if the spirits are willing to communicate with us this evening. The participant secretly spells out a name. The performer then places the pencil inside the box and asks, if there is a spirit here this evening to give us a sign. From within the box the pencil is heard to be writing a message. The box is opened and the paper removed. The participant for the first time reveals the name they have spelt out and opens the formerly blank piece of paper to reveal a ghostly message that matches their spelled out name!


This of course is only the bare bones of the effect that you can achieve and you are limited only by your imagination in terms of what the message could say. 


The cards are fully marked allowing you to let the spectator spell out words or names freely which of course you will know. As they are picture cards they can also be used for direct mind-reading and object divination for a multilayered presentation.


What you receive


A hand aged and waxed wooden box 


The box electronics which are rechargeable via usb so no batteries to replace. Sound module is customisable with your own MP3 file if desired


Remote Control

Full video instructions for the operation of the box and explanation of the routine.

As these will be made to order please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.

Victorian alphabet deck and tarot cards available separately.

Price £275 - Shipping £10 UK, £20 Europe £25 USA and Rest of the World

To order please use the Paypal links below.


Many thanks!


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