Welcome to Damfino my first release to the magic and mentalism community. 


The routines within include modern and contemporary mentalism and in contrast, others that delve into Victorian séance and voodoo. All can be adapted to suit any mystery performer in both closeup or stage environments.

The routines include;


Let’s Contact The Dead - A three-phase routine where the performer talks about the Victorian mediums and simultaneously proves and disproves their abilities.


A random name is thought of by an audience member, 4 volunteers choose random objects in secret and are asked to stand in front of 4 chairs. They are given the option to mix up the order in which they are standing and to even swap objects with each other if they so wish, completely up to them.


The performer goes on to reveal the objects they’re thinking of and in turn asks each volunteer to take a seat. The second phase is when the volunteers turn their chair around and find their objects pinned to the back. The third is when the audience member shouts out the thought of name and the first letter of each object spells out the name!


Name and Superhero – My take on a classic Bob Cassidy routine which eliminates having to switch anything in or out


The Doll with a Pin in his Side - Another three-phase routine where a volunteer is presented with a voodoo doll on top of an envelope and a choice of coloured pins. She is asked to think of something in life she desires and to focus on it. She then chooses a coloured pin and sticks it anywhere in the doll, a free choice.


The performer is then able to discern what her desire is before lifting up the doll and opening the envelope to reveal a drawing of the doll with a pin drawn in the exact same place as the actual doll. The pin is also the same colour as the pin she chose! The ink is permanent, no dry erase.


As a bonus I also explain how to make a gimmick to perform a colour match routine without using electronics.


The Psychic Test - A volunteer is asked to make a drawing and keep it to herself. Four numbered envelopes are shown and the volunteer is asked to choose one that may contain the same drawing should psychic ability be real. Three envelopes are eliminated and opened to show different drawings. The final envelope is opened and the drawing removed which matches the volunteers. All four of the envelopes are shown to be empty. For the kicker the envelopes are turned over to reveal the volunteers thought of drawing is written on the backs!


Bricking It - My take on a classic Max Maven effect to push the point that all our choices in life, no matter how small, come with consequences.


The Spirit Box - I use this to close my stage shows. My handling allows the volunteer to seemingly, under a hypnotic state, reveal information about a deceased person who they have never met or heard about with surprisingly accurate results. I utilise a prop that you likely own but may never have thought to use in this ‘unintended’ way.


A-Z Card Extras - I also share with you a PDF I wrote a few years ago for some magician friends with a routine I came up with using the flash cards.

Many thanks,


Chris Mallon

PDF's will be emailed out within 24 hours however usually a lot sooner!


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