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Alongside the box you will also receive access to a video from Peter Turner who will talk you through a host of routines and ideas, some updated and improved ideas from the Jinx as well as ideas created specifically for owners of the carny billet box. The video is nearly 30 minutes long and is a true masterclass in creative thinking!

You will also receive videos showing alternative handlings and routine ideas by the genius that is Michael Murray from As well as this, he will also teach an amazing billet switch from his book 'A Piece Of My Mind' which is something I'm sure you'll put into your act!

As well as this you will also receive yet another bonus video from FREAK, creator of F.A.S.T who will talk about the history of the travelling carnival and how the box will have been used during the era. Amazing insight from a phenomenal street performer!

The Carny Box

"People are desperate to tell you who they are, desperate to be seen"

Evoking the era of the 1940's travelling carnivals, the carny billet box will allow you to recreate the mind reading Question & Answer acts of the times.

One of the many effects that can be accomplished with this utility device;


The mentalist asks the audience to write down questions that they would like answered, at the beginning of the evening. During the show the performer asks an audience member to reach into the box and take out a slip of paper. If other people in the audience would like to add to the box, they can do so at this point. Another audience member takes out a second slip of paper.


The mentalist advises the audience at the start of the show "As we are unfamiliar with each other, we will use others peoples questions and if by chance you have selected your own you need not disclose this". The mentalist then goes on to accurately read the minds of the two audience members.


Later in the show, now that the mentalist has warmed up, they can go on and reveal the questions of many audience members, one after the other, with incredible accuracy!


The box is aged with the utmost attention to detail ensuring it passes for an artefact from the era.


Two built in switching/forcing mechanisms, that can be easily removed, making the box modular and versatile for many effects and performances. You can choose to implement one or both of these during performance. Of course you don't have to use either, if you're a real mind reader.


The box itself measures 20cm x 20cm, when fully assembled, and is held together by brass clasps, until the performer decides to remove the lid. 


Each purchase will come with a certificate of authenticity and a unique number.

This item is hand built and only a limited amount of units are available at this time. They are built and ready to ship!


Price - £345

Shipping U.K £10 - Europe £20 - USA (and rest of world) £30

​Many thanks!

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